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What is DPF?

DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) is a ceramics-based filter developed for diesel vehicles, and is located between the engine and the exhaust box.


DPF was designed to filter out particles - emitted by diesel engines - that are harmful to the environment and health. European car manufacturers were the ones that first in the world installed DPF system into vehicles, and they already used the filters of IBIDEN at that time. By now, many of the world’s car manufacturers decided to apply our product, and acknowledge its good quality and beneficent impacts.

How does DPF work?

Our product is a honeycombed-structured filter, where the air holes that are open on one side are closed on the other side and vice versa. This way, the exhaust gas emitted by the engine can only flow through the porous carbon silicide walls; this way, only the filtered exhaust gas can get to the further parts of the exhaust system and then into the air.

AFP (Automotive Functional Product)

AFP is a holding and sealing material which covers up catalytic converter and DPF. AFP has favourable properties, such as high holding force, sealing ability and high heat resistance. The plant started its operation in April 2013.

Technical Center

IBIDEN Hungary Kft. established its Technical Center with the purpose of providing high-quality technical support for customers. The Technical center was opened on the 5th October 2009.

The work in the Technical Center aim at enableing our company to produce filters that most meet customers needs.

In the rooms of the Center, we are testing our products in several simulated environments. The test results support our engineers to adjust our filters to customers’ needs.