IBIDEN Maintenance Contest

The maintenance team of IBIDEN Hungary achieved a good result in the annual maintenance competition of the IBIDEN company group, for which they received an award.

About the competition

The aim of the competition is to contribute to the company's productivity and success by improving maintenance and to increase competitiveness in the manufacturing market with highly skilled workers. The event also aims to maintain the motivation of employees with outstanding professional skills.

A total of eight teams from several countries, as well as from the electronics and ceramics business participated in the competition, and they presented the improvement they had achieved in their field in one year.

Through the kaizen activity, skilled maintenance engineers can gain new knowledge and the evaluation of the achieved results contributes to increasing motivation.

Kaizen results of the IBIDEN Hungary team

A heating module breakage affecting the lifetime of the DPF Sintering furnace, and a delay in treatment of the failure can result in furnace water break-in due to electrode melting, which results in downtime beyond one hour. The water break-in increases the number of maintenance days to three times the standard, which takes away production opportunities, increases the maintenance costs due to the complete replacement of carbon materials, and has other negative effects, such as a loss of motivation of the maintenance staff, so an urgent preventive action was needed, and the maintenance team took the following steps.

  • 1. Preventing water break in has become the motto of the maintenance team, and close cooperation between team members has been established to achieve this.
  • 2. By analysing the data, a preventive maintenance methodology has been developed.
  • 3. Reaction times were faster, and in the event of an incident, block transmitters were able to issue appropriate instructions sooner, followed by immediate execution.

The success of the method is demonstrated by the long period of time during which water breakage was prevented, which contributed to improved productivity.

Congratulations to our colleagues for a splendid performance.

7th and 8th May, 2022

Thanks to the collaboration between IBIDEN Hungary Kft. and Merkapt-Mekler László Sport Association, we spent a fantastic weekend together!

Our employees together with their family and friends had the chance to take part in a special experience: they could ride in a dragon boat, and with the coordination of the Sport Association’s trainers, they could experience what it’s like to row as a team.

Besides the dragon boat ride, the participants could test their skills in short and entertaining games.

The event was spent in a good mood and we hope to be able to repeat it in the future.

30th March, 2022

Humanitarian support on the situation in Ukraine

Ibiden Corporation (headquartered in Gifu Prefecture, Ogaki City; Managing Director: Aoki Takeshi) has donated a total of €100,000 (approximately 37 300 000 HUF) to support the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

The amounts and the beneficiaries of the donations are as follows:

1. IBIDEN Europe B.V. (European Central Headquarter)

◦ Amount of donation: €25 000

◦ Beneficiary: UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)

2. IBIDEN Hungary Kft.

◦ Amount of donation: €75 000

◦ Beneficiary: Hungarian Red Cross

We hope that the emergency situation will be resolved as soon as possible and that the safety of many people in difficult circumstances and peace in the world will be restored.

14th and 21st September, 2019

IBIDEN Open Factory Day for the Kids

19th June, 2019

Drawing contest

29th March, 2019

Celebrating the sakura blossom

21st April, 2018

Thr Bird Protection Project

7th June, 2018

Drawing competition, ceremony

17th May, 2018

The Spring Concert of Japanese and Hungarian students of the Liszt Music Academy, among more, was sponsored by Ibiden Hungary Ltd. too.

14th April, 2018

3rd Automotive Football Cup

April-May, 2018

Drawing competition

12th April, 2018


9-13th April, 2018

Sakura blooming in Dunavarsány

13th March, 2018

Spring Concert

8th Mach, 2018

Blood donation

14th February, 2014

Bottlecap collecting for charity purpose

13th February, 2018

Factory Visit
Károli Gáspár University, Faculty of Japanese Studies

31st January, 2018

Visiting Japanese Club of the local elementary school

18th December, 2017

Factory Visit
Ady Endre High School of Ráckeve

3-18th December, 2017

Christmas Donation

3rd December, 2017

Santa Run in Ráckeve

28th November, 2018

Autumn concert in IHU

11th November, 2017

Alprosys Cup in Győr

13th October, 2017

IBIDEN Hungary Kft. received the Bisnode Reliability Award

Source: Figyelő.hu

27th October, 2017

School Garden Project

26th October, 2017

Factory Visit

September, 2017

Open Day for Children

12th August, 2017

Sports Day and Running Race

July, 2017

Summer Camp with IBIDEN’s help

June, 2017

TPM World Conference

7th June, 2017

Drawing competition

3rd June, 2017

IHU couple took the third place at the Dance Fever of Varsány competition

1st June, 2017

Vocational school certificate with professional experience at IBIDEN

May, 2017

Dunavarsány School’s Garden Project with IBIDEN support

5th April, 2017

Factory Visit – Vocational School of Kiskunlacháza

30th March, 2017

Factory Visit – ELTE Faculty of Japanese Studies

29th March, 2017

Spring concert in the factory

28th March, 2017

Factory Visit – Virágh Gedeon Vocational School

26-31. March, 2017

Sakura blooming in Dunavarsány

8th March, 2017

Blood donation for IHU employees

16th February, 2017

Visiting Japanese Club of Dunavarsány Elementary School

26th January, 2017

Volleyballs were donated to Saint Stephan Elementary School of Budapest

16th December, 2016

Christmas donation in cooperation with the Veteran Car Collectors Association of Ráckeve

15th December, 2016

Charity donation for the Hungarian Red Cross

4th December, 2016

Santa Run in Ráckeve

9th November, 2016

Classical Concert with the performance of the students from Liszt Academy of Music

25th October, 2016

Selective garbish handling workshop in the local kindergarten

25th October, 2016

Charity paper collecting

20th October, 2016

Environment protection lecture and tree plantig with the students of local elementary school

13th October 2016, 11:00-14:00

Blood donation for IBIDEN employees

5th September, 2016

A cooperation agreement was concluded between the Budapest Training Centre of Technology and IBIDEN Hungary Kft.

27th August, 2016

Gift sponsorship for the Oldtimer Show and Exhibition in Ráckeve

25-30. July, 2016

Hungarian Red Cross organized Summer Camp for children with IHU sponsorship

7th July, 2016

Blood donation at site

10th June, 2016.

Ceremony of Drawing Competition

23rd May, 2016.

Environmental Program – Weöres Sándor Kindergarten of Dunavarsány

19th May, 2016.

Factory Visit – Árpád Fejedelem Elementary School of Dunavarsány

28th April, 2016.

Environment protection has a great importance in IBIDEN Hungary Ltd’s operation.
Employees join to the TE SZEDD environmental program this year as well.

25th April, 2016.

PC donation for the Faculty of Japanese Studies, Eötvös Loránt University

22nd April, 2016.

Factory Visit - Budapest Business School

22nd April, 2016.

Drawing competition

15th April, 2016.

Photos from the air

30th March, 2016

Home Concert

29th March – 4th April, 2016

Sakura blossom

3rd March, 2016

Blood donation

3rd February, 2016

Calendars from Japan delivered to the local elementary school

2nd February, 2016

PC donation for the Foundatin for the Patients of Kékestető Rehabilitation Center

21st January, 2016

CCTV camera system improvement in Halmi Telepi Elementary School of Vecsés

8th December, 2015

Christmas Charity Donation in cooperation with Hungarian Red Cross

1st December, 2015

Factory Visit by Óbudai University

24th November, 2015

Classical music concert in IHU

19th November, 2015

Paper recycling CSR activity with local kindergarten

12th October, 2015

Blood donation for IHU employees

12th October, 2015

Notebook donation for Elementary School of Dunavarsány

29th September, 2015

Factory visit by Elementary School of Makád

16th July, 2015.

Blood donation for IHU employees

6-11. July, 2015

Hungarian Red Cross Summer Camp for Local children with IHU sponsorship

24th June, 2015

Japanese Tea & Sweets Fair

11th June, 2015

Drawing Competition Ceremony in the Elementary School of Dunavarsány

15 May, 2015

Environment related CSR activity

3-8. April, 2015

Sakura blossom in IHU

April, 2015

Drawing competition

March, 2015

Factory visit - Budapest Business School and Elementary School of Monorierdő

12 March, 2015.

Blood donation for IHU employees

24th February, 2015

PC donation – Thúry József Elementary School of Makád

January, 2015.

Calendars from Japan were donated to Árpád Fejedelem Elementary School of Dunavarsány and Szent István Primary School of Budapest

17th December, 2014

Christmas charity donation in co-operation with Hungarian Red Cross, Szigetszentmiklós Office

5th December, 2014.

PC donation - Heim Pál Children Hospital, Budapest

21-24 November, 2014

Groups of students visited the Japanese Dolls & Japan World Heritage exhibitions

19th November 2014. 17:00-18:00

Opening of ’The World Heritage of Japan’ photo exhibition and ’Japanese Dolls’ exhibition for the occasion of IHU’s 10th Anniversary for IBIDEN employees

13th October 2014. 10:00-14:00

Blood donation for IBIDEN employees

13th September 2014.

Family, Sport and Health Day

5th September 2014.

Groundbreaking ceremony of the new canteen

14th July 2014.

Ground breaking ceremony of 4/2 factory building

14th July 2014.

Exhibition opening ceremony and tree planting for the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of IBIDEN Hungary Kft.

28th May 2014.

Opening of ’Japanese weekdays’ photo exhibition, Bonsai exhibition and Ikebana workshop for the occasion of IHU’s 10th Anniversary

9th May 2014.

TeSzedd! - Environmental day

24th April 2014.

Factory visit - Virágh Gedeon Vocational School, Szigetszentmiklós

16th April 2014.

PC donation - Benedek Elek Special Education Institution, Zugló

11th April 2014.

Drawing contest - Ceremony

10th April 2014.

Factory visit - Árpád Fejedelem Elementary School, Dunavarsány

26th March 2014.

Sakura blooming

20th March 2014.

Blood donation

19. March 2014

Factory visit - Óbudai University

January 2014.

Calendars from Japan and mugs were donated to the children of Árpád Fejedelem Elementary School of Dunavarsány and Szent István Primary School of Budapest.

20th December 2013.

Christmas concert and Japanese workshop in Saint Stephan Primary School of Budapest

16th December 2013.

Christmas Charity Gathering with Hungarian Red Cross

5th December 2013.

IBIDEN Hungary Ltd. donated two PC’s for the Association of Disabled People

2nd December 2013.

Factory visit - Corvinus University of Budapest

November 27. 2013.

IBIDEN Hungary Ltd. donated two PC’s for József Attila Elementary School, Szigetszentmiklós

November 19. 2013.

Autumn concert in the plant

November 18. 2013.

Environmental protection course and tree planting with the students of Árpád Fejedelem Elementary School

September 23. 2013.

Blood donation in IHU

September 10. 2013.

Factory visit - Chubu Industrial Engineering Association

September 5. 2013.

Opening Ceremony of 3rd and 4th Buildings

July 27. 2013

Children’s Day

July 17. 2013.

IBIDEN Hungary Ltd. donated 5 PC’s to the local office of Red Cross

May 29. 2013.

Classical music concert in the plant

May 24. 2013.

CSR Day with the co-operation of Árpád Fejedelem Elementary School and Mayor’s Office

April 24. 2013.

Factory Visit - Virágh Gedeon Vocational School, Kunszentmiklós

April 19. 2013.

„Spring in Japan” drawing contest

April 15-19. 2013.

Sakura bloom in Dunavarsány

April 11. 2013.

Blood donation

March 19. 2013.

IBIDEN Hungary Ltd. – ’Investor of the year’ award

March 18. 2013.

Handover of 4th factory building

18 February 2013.

Factory visit - Corvinus University of Budapest

18 December 2012.

Renewing of AEO Certification

26 November – 12 December 2012.

Charity gathering in co-operation with Hungarian Red Cross

03 Oct and 07 Nov 2012

Classical music concerts for the occasion of 1st Century of IBIDEN

07-08 July 2012

Family Day in Tavirózsa Camp, Délegyháza

09 December 2011

IBIDEN Hungary Kft and the Palace of Arts organize a charity choir concert in the Béla Bartók National Concert Hall in the Palace of Arts on 9th December 2011.

25 October 2010

The Noise Filters, choir of the employees of IBIDEN Hungary Kft. celebrated its 3rd birthday with an anniversary concert, organized for the employees and suppliers on 25th October.

20 September 2010

As a result of several months’ preparation and auditing process, our company obtained the AEO certificate issued by the Customs and Finance Guard.

24-25 July 2010

Family days 2010