Social responsibility

According to the IBIDEN group, the improvement of the company can be provided only by taking sustainability into account, with responsible business and social behaviour. The company’s CSR activity has been formed by taking these principles as a base.

The CSR activity of IBIDEN Hungary Kft. is based on the Japanese parent company’s traditions which emphasize environmental protection and volunteering on the basis of social co-operation, however due to the local particularities education, support of cultural programs, and developing the well-being of employees also plays a big role.

Environmental protection

IBIDEN Hungary Kft. has been aiming for developing harmonious relationships with the local community from the very beginning.

Volunteering for good causes is a value supported by the company not only within the organization, but it finding it also important to create events where the students and the employees of the local elementary school are invited in order to practice volunteering together.

The council of Dunavarsány and IBIDEN organize activities that include the beautifying and cleaning of the environment.

Protection of natural values

Occasionally, the employees of the company, the volunteers of the local elementary school, and the volunteers of the local council also participate in activities protecting the environment, which focus on environmental rehabilitation, planting trees, and collecting waste.

Sakura (Japanese cherry blossom) trees

Conserving Japanese traditions, about 210 Japanese cherry blossom trees have been planted inside and outside of the territory of IBIDEN Hungary Kft. so far, contributing to the reduction of the harmful effects of CO2 emission.


IBIDEN Hungary Kft. takes an active role in programs educating about the respect and protection of the environment inside and outside of the company as well.

Educational program

Thanks to our course called „Modern technology” and our up-to-date training rooms, the students of the local secondary school have been receiving financial support and multifarious education which can be used in practice as well. The program aims to provide high quality education and quick employment for the students.

Factory tour

Our company regularly welcomes student groups for factory tours. On these occasions, the visitors have the opportunity to get to learn about the kind of work the company is doing, the environmental policy of the company, and several characteristics of Japanese culture.

Trainee program

The trainee program of IBIDEN Hungary Kft. aims to look for talented students who might later become full-time employees of the company. Open trainee positions are constantly updated on our website, under the “Job proposals” menu.


The basis of our corporate social responsibility is to make culture, especially classical music available to a wider audience. The company’s own chorus, founded in 2007 is often hosting classical music concerts. The concerts held at the company site were first available only for the employees of IBIDEN Hungary Kft., but later they became free to visit for close partners with an invitation, and then for the local community, too.


IBIDEN Choir – The Noise Filters

The Noise Filters choir was set up in 2007 by a group of enthusiastic, music-loving colleagues, to entertain the audience at a corporate event. The formation has since undergone numerous exchanges, but enthusiasm remains unbroken. The choir regularly performs at various corporate and other events.


Classical music concerts

At the regularly organized in-house concerts, acknowledged Japanese artists perform. Many of the performers are guest students of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music.


Promoting Japanese culture

The employees had the opportunity on the 10th anniversary of the company to participate in several events which helped them learn about Japanese culture a little more. On the spring of 2014, a bonsai exhibition, an ikebana workshop, a demonstration of yukatas (summer kimono), and a photo exhibition named ”Everyday life in Japan” were followed by other interesting events in the autumn that could be visited by interested employees.

Besides the fair of Japanese teas and sweets, there were two photo exhibitions called ”Japanese dolls” and ”World heritage of Japan”. The materials of the exhibitions were provided by Japan Foundation Budapest Office.


It is very important to establish high quality working conditions and provide the conditions of a healthy lifestyle for our employees. We are confident that company events strengthen and deepen the feeling of togetherness in our workers.

Health project

The quality of the working environment and its direct and indirect effects define our well-being and health condition in several ways.

IBIDEN Hungary Kft. started its health-improving and mind-changing program in order to take effective steps to improve its employees’ health.

The aim of the program is to support employees in acquiring the knowledge and skills to achieve a healthy lifestyle, shape a health-conscious attitude, and influence the most important health-determining factors.

The employees have the opportunity to participate in these programs for free of charge. From time to time various activities are organized such as massage, consultations in connection with stress handling, dietetic guidance and sport programs which take place inside and outside of the company.