Presidential Foreword
Dear Visitor,

IBIDEN Hungary Ltd. (IHU) was established in Dunavarsány industrial park in 2004, as a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) factory of the Japanese IBIDEN Group. Our DPFs, made from ceramic raw materials are installed in diesel-driven vehicles for filtering out more than 99% of the emitted particles that are harmful to the environment. DPFs have been used globally by diesel-driven vehicle manufacturers.

In 2013 IHU widen its operation by starting the production of AFPs (Automotive Functional Products). At present IHU operate five factories and a technical center, with over 1,500 own and rented employees. IHU produces DPFs and AFPs with 24 hours a day 7 days a week continuous operation.

The corporate philosophy of IBIDEN Group consists of three pillars: respect for humans and nature, creation of new values for customers, and contribution to the continuous development of the society. IHU has made and will continue to make efforts to fulfill our stakeholders’ requirements.

Under changing external environments, IHU is committed to demonstrate the above philosophy, while aiming to become #1 player in the industry sectors in terms of price, quality, product performance, and customer satisfaction.

Junro FUJITA President
Corporate philosophy

The power that has enabled IBIDEN "to overcome many adversities with all our employees and to continue to exist", and "the wisdom and vitality that have achieved dramatic growth in recent years" - these have persisted throughout IBIDEN's long history of 103 years. The systematization that carries this on, transcending borders, is the "IBIDEN WAY".

To mark its 100th anniversary, we have revamped its corporate philosophy, the "IBIDEN WAY," simplifying it to enhance its understanding by all IBIDEN Group employees worldwide.


It is the fundamental perspective of the existence value and purpose of this company.

We contribute to the progression of society through innovative technology, with respect for both individuals and the global environment.

We share our spirits with all staffs globally. And through accomplishing these, "Corporate Philosophy" will be realized.

Trust through Integrity

Gaining customer and societal trust through “Genchi Genbutsu”

”Wa” Teamwork and Synergy

Integrating knowledge and wisdom from the employee involvement for greater power.

Challenge with Passion

Anticipating change, and acting boldly to create new value.

IBI-TECHNO Innovation

Evolving by overcoming hurdles through creativity and ingenuity.

Our history
The beginning

The history of our company started in 1912, when IBIGAWA Electric Power Co. Ltd was established and started the operation of its hydroelectric power plant on IBI river Ogaki, Japan. The company’s range of activities continuously expanded and was modified throughout the years. In the beginning, the company was engaged in the production of carbide and iron alloys, then later on in the production of synthetic organic compounds. After changing the name of the company in 1982, IBIDEN Co. Ltd. made some further additions to its range of activities.

Currently, IBIDEN Group performs activities in the following three main areas:
Production of ceramics products
Production of electronics products
Production of construction industry products
Our mother company
Trade name
1912. november
2-1 Kanda-cho, Ogaki, Gifu 503-8604, Japan
Telephone number
Aoki Takeshi
Equity capital
64.152 M JPY (2019)
Number of employees
14,718 (2019)
Main products:
printed wiring boards, IC package, substrate holding material, fine ceramics, SIC-DPF, graphite specialty
IBIDEN worldwide
IBIDEN Hungary Kft.

IBIDEN Hungary Kft. was established in June 2004 as the second European DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) producing center of IBIDEN Group.

Our filters - made of ceramics raw material - are installed into diesel vehicles for filtering out more than 99% of the emitted particles that are harmful to the environment.

Consequently, our product significantly contributes to the protection of our environment.

June 2004
June 2005
1st factory start operation
June 2006
2nd factory start operation
October 2006
Production of 1 millionth DPF
October 2009
Technical Center start operation
March 2010
Production of 5 millionth filter
November 2012
The First Century of IBIDEN
May 2013
4th (AFP) factory start operation
September 2013
3rd factory start operation
December 2013
Production of 30 millionth IBIDEN filter and 15 millionth IHU filter
May 2014
The company celebrates its 10th anniversary
July 2014
Hoe cutting ceremony of 4-2 factory
April 2015
IBIDEN Hungary Ltd. and the Hungarian Government has signed strategic cooperation agreement
October 2017
IBIDEN Hungary Ltd. received the Bisnode Reliability Award
detailed history of the first 10 years of IBIDEN Hungary Ltd.